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Video from the Bronx: She Called Him a Racist for Being a Trump Supporter… and This Happened

EVERYONE knows life was better under Trump – no matter what the media is pushing. EVERYTHING is worse under Joe Biden, and the Marxist left is destroying the country. And it’s not likely to get any better as long as they hold on to power.

Former President Donald Trump definitely lit things up in a way that people didn’t expect with his rally in the South Bronx on Thursday.

The number of people who turned out far exceeded the anticipated 3500, with long lines and people there hours in advance, even in heavy rain.


People who organized the event (not trump campaign staffers) worked to get everybody regardless of party and race. They are not there for mere optics, photos, or for props.

Watch what happens when one of Trump’s supporters was called racist:

That’s that crazy woman that got in Alec Baldwin’s face. She is not scripted, she is 100% loony tunes.

But she was a the wrong place this time!

The old “Trump supporters are racist” trope has lost its appeal. It has always been a lie. This video makes my heart sing. I love the way President Trump is uniting Americans of all color, creed, background, income level, ethnicity, religion, President Trump is uniting!

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