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Video: NYC Liquor Store Owner Shoots a Thug Who Was Robbing and Assaulting Him – Here’s the Prison Time He’s Now Facing Because of the Woke Judge

A liquor store owner is accused of shooting a shoplifter outside his store in Queens on Monday, according to District Attorney Melinda Katz.

The shooting happened Monday night at Franja Wine and Liquors in Ridgewood after officials said Edwin Poaquiza and Kevin Pullatasi tried to steal a bottle of Ciroc vodka from the shelf.

Katz said they took merchandise, but it was recovered before they were escorted out of the store.


Surveillance video shows the store owner, Francisco Valerio, 53, trying to stop them when they attacked, and he pulled out a licensed gun from his waistband.

The owners shoved them out the door before the thieves, both 20, started kicking and punching them.

Valerio then tried swinging at one of the thieves while holding a gun which was allegedly fired on accident, hitting Pullutasi.

Video below:

Valerio is facing two counts of assault which could land him in prison for 7 years.

The two thieves were charged with petit larceny and face up to a year in jail.

How can anyone vote for the politicians who want to put innocent Americans in jail? How is defending your property from thieves now a crime?

Here’s what the Post had to say about the judge when se got re-elected:

Incumbent Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz easily won a second term as the borough’s top prosecutor based on unofficial results from NYC’s Board of Elections on Tuesday night.

Katz — a former borough president, councilwoman and state assemblyman — captured 71% or 37,762 votes to 14% or 7,571 votes for retired judge and NYPD deputy commissioner George Grasso and 14% or 7,542 votes for lefty defense lawyer Devian Daniels.

That’s with 85% of the machine vote counted.

Grasso challenged her from the right, arguing she wasn’t tough enough on quality of life crimes such as shoplifting.

She was endorsed by Mayor Eric Adams, the Queens Democratic Party establishment and some two dozen labor unions.

Katz was also accused of implementing woke policies!

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