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Drag Queen Flamy Grant Tops iTunes Christian Music Charts After Twisted Social Media Stunt

Last week, the world of Christian songs was crowned a new king — or, more accurately, queen. And the coronation was certainly one for the books.

We’re living in an era of sexual revolution. And unlike in the 60s, our radical change is a migration from the idea altogether. These days, the sexiest thing is “gender” — including the concept as it’s played onstage.

Relatedly, introducing drag queen Flamy Grant. From Her Highness’s official website:


[F]lamy Grant is a gospel & roots musician from the Bible Belt who will move you, soothe you, help you heal some trauma and always leave you laughing.

Flamy’s 2022 debut record Bible Belt Baby is the world’s first full-length contemporary Christian album by a drag performer — and a 2023 San Diego Music Award nominee for Best Pop Album.

[F]lamy will convince you that:

Nothing is sacred (but everything is holy).
Shame belongs in the closet.
You are a brilliant, resilient badass ready to take on the world.

On July 23rd, Flamy appeared with Derek Webb — “exvangelical” and former lead singer of 90s award-winning Christian rock band Caedmon’s Call — at his Nashville release party/concert for solo album The Jesus Hypothesis. The project includes tune titles such as “Some Gods Deserve Atheists” and “God in Drag.”

Also featured: a collaboration with Flamy, “Boys Will Be Girls.” The ditty’s gist:

[T]he greatest revenge is a life well-lived
So the loudest ‘f*** you’ and greatest gift that you could ever give
They are one and the same

I heard Jesus loved and spent his life with those who
Were abandoned by proud and fearful men
So if a church won’t celebrate and love you
They’re believing lies that can’t save you or them

Sean Feucht, a Christian musician, author, and founder of a political organization aimed at getting millennials politically active to preserve traditional Christian values, put out an LGBT-critical tweet on X, previously known as Twitter, that caused a strong reaction.

The reaction was so intense that it pushed an allegedly Christian drag singer to the top spot on iTunes Christian music chart.

Say what?

Here’s what happened. Feucht tweeted criticism of contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist, Derrick Webb, joining in concert with drag performer Flamy Grant.

“If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church,” Feucht tweeted, “Then look no further than former worship leader @derekwebb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.”

So Flamy decided to flame Feucht.

Grant — whose real name is Matthew Blake — tweeted: “OK. I’m gonna do it. Sean Feucht thinks ‘hardly anyone’ is interested in a worship song by a drag queen. How about we try to get my song ‘Good Day’ to chart on Christian iTunes?”

Within a day, Blake’s song had topped the Christian chart and he tweeted: “If you’re gonna come for a drag queen, you better be ready for how she comes back. She comes back with an army of love.

“Thank you for showing @seanfeucht and conservatives everywhere that you are, in fact, interested in a Christian drag queen’s music #number1.”

And Blake’s album “Bible Belt Baby” also went to the top of the iTunes Christian chart.

But were traditional, devout Christians like Feucht favoring the songs and pushing them to the No. 1 positions? Unlikely. For instance, one tweet supporting Blake’s Flamy Grant music came from LGBTQ Nation.

The meteoric rise to #1 may be a fluke but still, Christians around our country were not feeling good!