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Video: 2 Female NYC Officers Try To Subdue A Very Small Man – What Happens Next Is A Disgrace To The Uniform

Two female officers from the NYPD 6Pct Officer Gomez and Officer Grullon, both members of the LGBQ community, made an arrest after a man started throwing garbage cans around. The officers were assaulted during the takedown, and a security guard from a nearby club assisted in the arrest.

Watch this extremely sad display [language warning]:

The guy who was arrested had an open warrant.
That dude who came and saved the day is just a security officer at a nearby club who heard the commotion. He came over and literally said, “I got him girls, I got him.” I know the tweet mentions that the lady cops are “LGBT” so I can’t help but wonder if he misgendered them when he called them “girls.” The girls certainly didn’t care, because they were too busy letting him completely take over the situation, even though he is not a police officer.

Watch again. Once the security guard enters the scene and says “I got him girls,” the officers immediately become silent and allow him to start issuing commands to the perp even though he is not a cop. They even repeat his commands after he says them.

Why is this? Because they recognized a bigger, stronger, tougher, more dangerous human being than them just entered the scene on their side. The alpha, if you will. They immediately submitted to his superior physical competence in this situation because they knew it was their best chance of righting the ship that was sinking.

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