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Video: Mayor of Burbank, California Faces Backlash After Receiving a Spanking from a Drag Queen in Front of Children – His Response Makes Matters Worse

The mayor of Burbank, California, Konstantine Anthony, has found himself at the center of a storm of controversy after a video of his attendance at a fundraising event went viral on various social media platforms.

Footage showed the Democratic party member getting spanked by a drag queen, sparking a wave of reactions online.

Video below:


Some individuals argued that the event was intended exclusively for adults, while others contended that it also accommodated minors, fueling heated discussions across the internet.

Feel free to take a look at other photos from the drag show fundraiser, where at least one child is pictured.

The drag queen who performed posted about the event on Instagram and noted that it was open for ages 15+ but also said it’s “not suitable for children.” So the drag show where the Mayor got spanked was open for minors while they acknowledged it wasn’t suitable for children.

Maybe this is normal behavior for him, given that he’s the same guy who approved of lewd book “Gender Queer” being available in Burbank schools.
His answer made things even worse!

Once the video made its way to Twitter it rapidly accumulated nearly 5 million views. Konstantine Anthony himself responded to the video’s virality with a quip, asking provocatively, “Jealous???”

Subsequently, after the video had gone viral, the mayor engaged in a back-and-forth with Libs Of TikTok, arguing vehemently that there were no children present at the event. However, neither claim could be independently verified.