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Photos: Miami PD Releases Details About The Security Preparations Before Trump’s Political Arraignment And A Major Error Could Make This Trial The New Jan. 6

Trump has called upon his supports to peacefully protest outside the Miami courthouse and the city’s police chief said they have resources available to handle anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 demonstrators.

“I want to show the city we are ready,” said Chief Manuel A. Morales. “We’re ready for it to be over and gone.”

Chief Morales is calling on protesters to remain peaceful and not storm the building.


“Make no mistake about it, we’re taking this event extremely seriously,” he said. “We know that there is a potential of things taking a turn for the worst, but that’s not the Miami way.”

However, the parameter will be secured with police tape instead of barriers.

With police tape around the courthouse instead of barriers, it’s easy to see that this could easily spark a huge mess.

Photos from the courthouse below:

Contrary to the police reports Mayor Francis Suarez assured Floridians that the venue will be secure on Tuesday. Suarez detailed security preparations with NBC News.

Video below:

Don’t put it past the Biden regime and Chris Wray to be working some plans behind the scenes. Wray did the same thing in Michigan and then Washington DC. with 40 agents inside the Trump crowds. Let’s hope Miami is not next.

Donald Trump’s advisers confided they are worried that a rally slated to take place outside the Miami courthouse during the former president’s arraignment Tuesday could explode into violence and be a “disaster” because there could be people who can infiltrate in their ranks and spark violence.

USA Supreme already reported about such a case:

An exclusive video from Miami seems to show a fed agen dressed as a Trump supporter calling for violence!

“January 6th is gonna look like a playground” – Trump supporter Pat speaks outside of Trump National Doral Miami where Former President expected to arrive for his second Indictment – “All we need is an order, we are ready”

Video below:

Here’s the same guy already acting violet:

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